CompArch is a federated conference series bringing together researchers and practitioners from Component-Based Software Engineering and Software Architecture.

The conference will be held in Bertinoro, Italy, June 25—28, 2012.

CBSE: 15th ACM SigSoft International Symposium on Component-Based Software Engineering

Program Chairs: Nenad Medvidovic (USC, USA), Magnus Larsson, (ABB, Sweden)

QoSA: 8th ACM SigSoft International Conference on Quality of Software Architecture

Program Chairs: Barbora Bühnová (Masaryk University, Czech Republic), Antonio Vallecillo (University of Malaga, Spain)

ISARCS: 3rd ACM SigSoft International Symposium on Architecting Critical Systems

Program Chairs: Javier Lopez (University of Malaga, Spain), Jorge Cuellar (Siemens CT, Germany)

WCOP: 17th International Doctoral Symposium on Components and Architecture

Chairs: Ralf Reussner (KIT, Germany), Wolfgang Weck (Switzerland), Clemens Szyperski (Microsoft, USA), Barbora Bühnová (Masaryk University, Czech Republic)

ROSS: Workshop on Reusing Open-Source Software Components

Chairs: Ivica Crnkovic (Mälardalen University, Sweden), Ioannis Stamelos (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece)

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